Creation of a new internet image for SICE using an upto date web portal design which defines a specific graphic line of communication.
Design and define the architecture for the content and browsing requirements.
Design the user interface in a way that it is easily accessible with an orderly, clean and clear structure for an efficient and agreeable experience; accomodating upto date trends, responsive in it’s design so that users can visualize content on any device.
Utilize the web publishing platform chosen by SICE following their in house IT rules and regulations.


• Update SICE’s image using a specific responsive design displayable on any device.
• Analysis and design of the content architecture and the model for it’s deployment using Drupal CMS.
• Installation of the web design and content based on Drupal as a corporate CMS on the client servers.
• Training of SICE personnel responsable for content, portal and the platform so as to be able to be non dependent on a third party.

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