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Proprietary Technology and third party products to resolve common client problems in a comprehensive way

A brand that sums up a philosophy:

"Apply multimedia technologies to all the process of communication to obtain improvements in the results"

Below you can find the products which have been developed to improve the solutions for the client as development of the concept (.all).

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Multiportal Web Management

The ideal tool for those clients who need more than just a simple presence on Internet.

AWA® CMS manages communication web structures in Microsoft environments and is targeted at large and medium sized enterprises that need to integrate into their portals functions related to their business.

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Digital Signage Mangement

A solution to manage multiple types of content over a network of screens, focused on ease of use and optimizing the process of communication, interest and ambience.

Option of Software as a Service (SaaS) or option on-premise installed in the client, with equipment that can be financed as "renting" in monthly payments.

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Playout of Content

A technology for the utilization of event content that allows for the control and syncronization of multiple digital playout elements of different formats for a precise control of the presentation of the content and viewing of conferences and presentations on multiple screens.

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