AWA 6.1, Advanced Web Architecture

Powerful, Complete, Safe and Economic Portal Mangement

AWA® is a powerful and versatile CMS for the management of web publications by NON TECH minded users, with a high performance execution and an architecture that allows integration with client business procedures and development online.

AWA® resolves complex cases:
• Multichannel Publications.
• Interrelationships between content and channels: catalogue system and lists of content for an automated management of content in different publishing sections.
• Integration with client business procedures and information systems.


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With AWA everything is an advantage

Simple and Intuitive Interface:
• Allows for editing and for the location of content browsing over the page.
• All the features on one screen, upto 10 tabs open at the same time, multimedia content manager, drag&drop…
• Save time publishing: the content catalogue and list systems automate the publishing tasks.
• Responsive Web Design: ensures the right format for viewing on any device.
• Complies with the OWASP security standard.


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Economic Advantages

  • Improvement in content maintenence costs: time is optimized and special technical know-how is not needed.
  • Protects your investment as you no longer need to worry about loss of content due to version updates.
  • Option SaaS available which reduces investment and has a better tax treatment.

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Intuitive, simple and immediate File Management

  • The system updates the links when a file is moved within the server.
  • Possibilty of drag&drop of files to other folders.
  • Management of Videos: Treats the different formats and related objects as an only element in the same way as thumbnails on the web.
  • Preview of images and video.

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AWA for Web Developers

AWA® does not need the incorporation of programming code for publishing functions but allows plugins or applications to resolve client specific functions. AWA® 's model of integration with web services allows different models of technical deployment: SOA, client applications embedded in MVC, JSON... 

The learning curve for web developers with AWA® is very short for web designers who are used to HTML, CSS, Javascript, consequently the client can take on the level of maintenence he wants.

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With the guarantee and backing of Spinmedia

AWA® CMS is not free software and is subject to intellectual property rights. Spinmedia guarantees it's performance, insuring it's continuity and the interests of the clients. 

AWA® CMS has no user licence cost for those clients under a support contract or attended by Spinmedia or by our Partners.

The client having a Portal developed by Spinmedia will have access to a free user licence. Other Terms and Conditions are applicable for clients through Partners.

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