MSP 4.5: Complete Solution for Digital Signage

New version, easy and flexible

Versatile and Functional Innovative Technology

  • Executable Player based on PC Windows architecture and independent of hardware.
  • Simple and reconfigurable instalation with an automatic update system, download of contents and monitoring.
  • Content Management from any device.
  • Responsive web interface.


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Multizone Screen

Templates with different content format/type size zones that allow the screens to show different content in each of the zones: advertising, news, weather, special offers, menus...

The templates can be used in the screens as you wish (horizontally or vertically).

Programmable changes of the layouts and content by days and time. 

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Programmable Calendar Scheduler

Felixibility and ease of use allow automated programming and independent programming of the actions for each object. This way it is not necessary to create hourly schedules with gaps etc.

One can schedule: Carousels or Playlists, the appearance or not of specific content, change of a complete template, which can include different content channels etc.

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Compatible Formats

Show vídeos, photos, animations, content from the social networks, RSS news feeds, weather...

Now you can add HTML5 applications with an adapted style that automatically ajusts to the designated zone.

Directly upload the videos/photos from your smart device.

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Real time content change

Templates as well as content can be changed in various ways:

· By a physical action detected by a sensor
· By a call from a Web App invoking an URL, in a web interface, e.g a mobile phone
· By a call from a business application

This allows for the automation of events (change of content), sensory and remote control of content.

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And also...

Plugins so that you can easily insert the weather from AEMET for any location, RSS news feeds, a clock, tweets, menus, flight information...

Applications for:
· Restaurant Menus
· Meeting Room Management
· One lane queuing system to many POS  for hypermarkets, malls, fast food..

And special functions for interactive content.

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