Digital Signage solution for the Hotel Emperador (Madrid)


The Hotel Emperador, as one of the standard bearers for the Luxury Hotels of Madrid, needed to upgrade it’s services by offering it’s customers dynamic information which was easily updated, as much for the Lobby as it’s guest rooms.


An information system was designed for the Hotel Lobby made up of Digital Signage displays, two of which were located in the reception (a screen and a vertical totem), using Spinmedia’s MSP dynamic signage product, to present and support online various types of multimedia content.

Configured and feed with promotional and brand imagery about the hotel and services, as well as useful information to the customer (weather, local guides about Madrid), all automatically updated by a feed over the internet.

This system was configured in a totem and a vertical signage display directed at the customer flow through the reception.

Additionally, also using Spinmedia’s MSP technology, an internal TDT TV channel was integrated into the televisions in the guests’ rooms, taking advantage of the same information displayed in the reception and adding more content of interest, likewise updated in real time, using the internet, by the hotel staff.