Digital Signage and internal TDT TV channel solution

Hotel Preciados (Madrid)


Update the information screen infrastructure in the hotel lobby and the software allowing dinamic content updates of the information on the screens.

Create an internal TDT TV channel accesible by the clients through the TVs in the rooms.


Digital Signage screens are installed in the hotel lobby with Spinmedia M(edia)S(how)P(latform) 3.0 software for dinamic signage so as to be able to publish and update a diverse type of multimedia and news content.
The system is configured and fed with images (some promotional) of their installations and services, as well as useful news ítems for the client, such as headlines from the National and International press, weather etc. all automatically updated from the internet.

Additionally, also using MSP 3.0, an internal TDT TV channel is installed, for the clients’ hotel rooms, receiving the same content as the signage and other sources. The content is also immediately updateable by the personnel of the hotel as well as remotely via internet.